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Apparently this is "The clearest photo of Mercury ever taken."

why isnt everyone getting so excited about this, it is literally another planet look at how beautiful it is stop what your doing and look at how alien like this planet is what is living there oh my god mercury

so amazing

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pacific rim valentines!!

send one (or two, depending) to your copilots this friday! spread the love image


Fefnep commission for alexianfireflies! 8’)


the fandom’s glory days may have come and gone but I will always be 100% homestuck trash

And now it’s time for one last bow

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Then why do you keep coming back for us? Because you were the first. The first face this face saw. And you’re seared onto my hearts, Amelia Pond. You always will be.

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my god that gif was made for this moment


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A few years ago Simon was a total asshole, saying misogynistic things left and right. One example is him saying “Have women invented shutting the fuck up?” to a maybe 19 year old Hannah who was defending the importance of women in history by listing the things they have invented.

So… my opinion here is not popular but… It’s been something that’s been weighing heavily on my mind the last month. I don’t know if it’s wise to write this post, or to tell this story, but I do feel compelled to offer up my personal experience.

I wish people understood that many of us hold misogynistic & racist opinions because we were raised into a value system that taught us that was the proper way to act. Our mothers and fathers and friends all modeled these behaviors, and we built our lives around these precepts. I never said as a child, “I hope I can learn to demean women someday! I hope I can be transphobic!” I just didn’t have the context and perspective to ever question why everyone around me acted the way they did. I did what every kid did, I fit in.

Then we slowly begin to realize how incredibly wrong our parents generation was, and how selfish they have become, and we start to recognize that maybe we’re wrong. This is a difficult, painful thing and the natural inclination is to shy away from the harsh truth: the value system we were raised with is an unfair one based on exploitation and false premises. Some people can bear that change, some people cannot.

This does not excuse, justify, or ameliorate our actions. These systems and cultures are wrong and hurtful. We are all responsible for what we do.

I was raised a conservative christian. I was raised to believe that gay and transgender people were sick and in some cases evil. They might even be possessed (willingly) by demonic agents. I was taught in “science” class to believe the weak nuclear force was “God’s Love” and that science didn’t support the Holocaust. I was raised to believe that I shouldn’t marry a Latin American because that would make my baby “lazy and Catholic”, which was basically a 1 way ticket to hell.

All these were things that were told to me before I was 15. As a result, I did and said many things I am not proud of. Things I regret to this day. Things that sometimes leave me tossing and turning at night, wishing I was anyone else but myself.

I no longer believe these things. But growing up, I didn’t have the perspective I had now. And I’d be a hypocrite if I didn’t admit I mess up and say insensitive or wrong things from time to time. But I realized I was wrong and I struggle to escape that upbringing every day of my life. And I just hope people realize that this story IS possible, if given half a chance.

My pain growing up is not the same pain felt by victims of racism, or by women facing sexual harassment and violence, or by transgender people struggling to assert their identity, or by bisexual people who feel like the entire world dislikes them. I don’t think my story should eclipse the very real tragedies occurring daily. My pain was the pain of realizing my family was living a lie.

But I assure you, walking away from everything I knew and believed was agonizing and it took everything I had to do it. As a white man in America, I’ve had every privilege offered to me except for one: genuine perspective. It’s something I’m struggling to acquire, and always will. I know to someone who’s walking away from the riots in Ferguson or dealing with emotional wounds from NY’s former stop-and-frisk policy this makes me look impossibly weak. Maybe I am, I can only tell you it hurt and it wasn’t easy and I almost couldn’t do it. It was almost easier to live the lie.

I just hope people realize that there is hope that society as a whole can change! We can’t undo the past, but we might be able to change the future in our lifetimes. Simon can change. I have changed my entire life. A lot of people are changing. We might mess up, we may not ever fully understand the damage we’ve done to you. We might not ever be able to graciously bear anger you justifiably want to level at someone (and I think you deserve to have an outlet for your anger and frustration), and for that I am sorry.



ok but the #IstandwithJontron tag is making me laugh